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In addition to a max 400 word abstract of your presentation, please also provide us with an extended summary as follows:

1. Extended summaries must be submitted via email to
2. Summaries should focus on new data. Duplication of sentences from previous EILAT Progress Reports cannot be accepted. Cross- referencing previous Reports is recommended, as applicable.

3. Summaries should not exceed 2000 words (1000 words for compounds for which clinical trial data are not yet available) plus a maximum of 9 references.

3. An image with the chemical structure should be provided. A Figure or Table may be included if desirable. 

The EILAT XIV-Organizing Committee (OC) needs to have Summaries that are as uniform as possible. Therefore we respectfully request that your Extended Summary be  organized as follows:


Names and surnames of authors and their affiliation, followed by chemical structure of the compound and text structured into sections according to the following headings:


1. Introduction and rationale for development (brief)

2. Pharmacology          

    2a. Activity profile in models of seizures and epilepsy

    2b. Other pharmacological properties

    2c. Mechanism(s) of action

3. Toxicology (very brief summary)

4. Pharmacokinetic (only human data) and metabolic profile

5. Drug interactions

6. Efficacy data (if any – emphasize latest data and results of RCTs)

7. Tolerability and adverse effect profile

8. Planned studies (very brief outline)

9. References (up to 9), according to the style of Epilepsia except that the list should be in alphabetical order and citations in the text should be by author and year of publication (example: Bialer et al, 2017).

10. Conflict-of-interest disclosures for each of the authors.


We are also planning to include a Table where the activity profile of the compounds presented at the conference will be summarized in a standard format. For this purpose, kindly fill in the information for your compound. Please CLICK HERE to view the table template.

If no data are available, kindly write N/A in the relevant box.

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